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Alternate Delivery Methods

Alternative Medication Delivery Methods

At PenCol Specialty Pharmacy, we create alternative delivery methods for those people who experience challenges taking traditional medications.

Many patient groups can benefit from the alternative delivery methods created by a compounding pharmacy, such as PenCol Compound Pharmacy. For our younger, pediatric patients, there are different delivery methods to avoid needing to swallow a pill and flavors that can be added to medications to make them more palatable/desirable. Some of the same benefits can apply to PenCol’s geriatric compounding services, especially the ability to have alternatives to oral medications.

As you age, taking medicine comes with its challenges too. Some older patients or patients going through certain treatments may have difficulty swallowing a pill, and a compounded liquid may be the better option. Other patients may be prescribed a large quantity of medication that PenCol’s pharmacists could combine into fewer dosage forms, depending on the active ingredient and strength of the prescription. In-home caregivers and nurses at assisted living facilities don’t have to spend time crushing up pills to hide in the patient’s dinner. Instead, contact PenCol Specialty Pharmacy and talk to our pharmacists about ways we can work with you and your physician to relieve the stress and improve compliance in taking your medicine.

Here are some of the alternative delivery forms PenCol Specialty Pharmacy can create:


Lozenges/Troches are most commonly used as the delivery system for Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. These Lozenges/troches are taken buccally/sublingually (dissolved between cheek and gum) which allows the prescribed medicine to go directly into your (patient’s) system without having to go through the stomach and digestive system. This direct absorption allows doctors to prescribe this medication in lower doses. Lozenges/Troches can be flavored or unflavored.


Suppositories can be used rectally or vaginally. This delivery system is used when patients cannot tolerate medications taken orally, and for conditions that need the medicine to be directly delivered to the vaginal and/or rectal area. Suppositories allow for systemic absorption for patients who cannot keep anything down.

Creams, Gels, and Ointments

We compound many Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy prescriptions into topical creams and gels for quick absorption. This delivery system bypasses the digestive system and the 1st pass through the liver eliminating some of the unwanted metabolites.

Topical ointments are frequently used for “old-time” prescriptions that have been discontinued. Topical ointments are advantageous for our elderly patients who are hard to medicate. We have some very special younger patients who can be difficult to medicate and topical ointments do the trick. Many pets receive their medication through topical ointments so that pet owners are sure the medicine got where it needed to be!


We can make many medications into capsules or suspensions (liquids). Capsules can be made for immediate release or delayed-release. Suspensions can be made into syrups or oils for children and/or pets who cannot take a pill. Both of these medication delivery systems can be made without dyes, corn, lactose, whey, and other fillers that are commonly used in commercial preparations.

The PenCol Difference

What makes PenCol Specialty Pharmacy unique is the significant amount of testing we do compared to other pharmacies our size. While it might not be good for our bottom line, it is definitely good for your health and peace of mind. It assures that the quality and the dosage your doctor prescribed are exactly the ones you are given by us.

What else makes us Unique?

At PenCol Specialty Pharmacy we make medicine the way it should be made – by hand, with the highest quality ingredients, and to meet individual patient needs. Whether a patient needs an alternative delivery system, dosages, flavorings, or a little bit of help figuring out how to manage their prescription needs. We make all of our prescriptions “from scratch”, offer patient consultations and follow-up care, carry pharmaceutical grade supplements and sometimes, just lend that ear for peace of mind. At PenCol Specialty Pharmacy every one of our doctors and patients matters to us – each and every one!