Tampa, FL – Revelation Pharma, a national network of compounding pharmacies, specializing in personalized medicine and
compounding services, announces the successful acquisition of Kentucky’s Prospect Pharmacy's Compounding Book of
Business. This strategic move reinforces Revelation Pharma's commitment to expanding its reach and enhancing services in the
compounding pharmacy division.

The acquisition includes the transfer of all compounding patients and providers previously served by Prospect Pharmacy to one
of Revelation Pharma's trusted pharmacies, PenCol Specialty Pharmacy. This transition ensures continuity of care and
uninterrupted access to high-quality compounded medications for all former Prospect Pharmacy customers

"We are thrilled to welcome former Prospect Pharmacy compounding patients and providers to the PenCol Specialty Pharmacy
family," stated Shawn Hodges, CEO of Revelation Pharma. "Our continued goal is to provide exceptional personalized care and
tailored medication solutions that meet the unique needs of each patient."

PenCol Specialty Pharmacy prides itself on being one of the go-to compounding pharmacies in Colorado and has a dedicated
team of pharmacists and professionals committed to patient well-being. Patients can expect a seamless transition, with access to a
broad range of compounded medications, exceptional customer service, and streamlined processes. PenCol is licensed in several
states, including Kentucky, proving that continuity of care is at the forefront of this acquisition.

Former Prospect Pharmacy compounding patients and providers can now experience the benefits of PenCol Specialty Pharmacy's
expertise and personalized care. Existing patients will be contacted directly by mail to ensure a smooth transfer of prescriptions
and to address any inquiries they may have during this transition period. Alternatively, patients can call PenCol Speciality
Pharmacy or Prospect Pharmacy for more information.

Revelation Pharma remains committed to advancing compounding solutions, and the acquisition of Prospect Pharmacy's
Compounding Book of Business aligns with its mission to improve patient outcomes through customized medication services.

About Revelation Pharma

Revelation Pharma is a forward-thinking network of compounding pharmacies dedicated to providing innovative medication
solutions and personalized care. With a focus on compounding services, Revelation Pharma aims to improve patient outcomes by
delivering tailored medications that address individual needs.

About Prospect Pharmacy

Prospect was a compounding pharmacy known for its dedication to personalized medications catering to the unique needs of
patients. Their licensed operation in Kentucky ensured adherence to stringent regulations and quality standards, earning the trust
of the local community for providing tailored healthcare solutions.

Olivia Scott
Marketing Director of Mergers and Acquisitions