Customized Compounding

At the very heart of compounding prescriptions is customization. At PenCol Specialty Pharmacy, our skilled pharmacists customize medications to meet specific patient needs. We compound and customize a large array of human and pet medications

We can create:

• Unique Dosage Forms (lollipops)

• Flavor Medication (improve taste)

• Reproduce Medication (drug is no longer available)

• New Formulations (medication combinations specially designed for you by your doctor)

• Specific Strengths

• Address Filler Allergies (eliminate allergic reactions to certain fillers and bases)

We have the ability to prepare:

• Oral Solutions and Suspension

• Creams, Lotions, Gels, Powders, etc., for Skin/Scalp Application

• Powder Capsules for Ear Insufflators

• Transdermal Gels that Deliver Medicine Through The Skin

• Sub-Lingual (Under-The-Tongue) Products

• Rectal and Vaginal Preparations

• Lip Balms

• Lollipops