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We get it! As veterinarians and pet owners know, a pet is more than just a pet. He or she is a friend, a confidante… a member of the family. We also know that giving medication to animals can be really tough and exhausting! At PenCol Specialty Pharmacy, we offer solutions to these common challenges. Our compounding department is ready to work with you to prepare innovative, easy-to-use, pet-friendly dosage forms and delicious flavors. Plus, you can relax knowing that we use USP-approved ingredients to prepare our unique veterinary formulations.

PenCol Specialty Pharmacy makes customized medications for pets, horses, and other animal species when commercially available drugs cannot meet their needs. The compounded medications are created and prepared by PenCol’s specially trained veterinary pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in our state-of-the-art, accredited facilities. These medications are prescribed and dispensed under orders written by veterinarians.

So while we don’t practice veterinary medicine, we do work closely with veterinarians to solve challenging medication problems. PenCol’s high-quality compounding lab and sterile cleanroom use the most modern, up-to-date technology, innovative medication dosing devices, and high-quality ingredients to compound a variety of problem-solving medications.

We can flavor your pet’s/patients’ medications with a variety of flavor choices, depending on the animal species and taste preferences. Some of our pet friends’ favorite flavors include tuna, triple fish, chicken, beef, or liver. And since some animal medicines are available only in one tablet size, sometimes making it difficult for the animal to swallow, PenCol Specialty Pharmacy will compound dosage forms that are just the right size for your pet/patient. Tablets can be reduced to smaller capsules or flavored suspensions – or even transdermals that are absorbed through the skin of the ear flap! Do you need a concentrated dosage for a small animal or bird? We can compound the medication into the smaller increment needed or concentrate a medication.

PenCol Specialty Pharmacy takes an extra step to work with the owner and pet to ensure each of our customers receives a tailor-made medicine compounded especially for them. At PenCol, we work with veterinarians to solve challenging medication problems so that your pet is up wagging, wiggling, singing, slithering, or just plain happy again.