Wound Care

At PenCol Specialty Pharmacy, we understand that wound care prescriptions can be critical to the quality of life for a patient.

In many instances, the ability to cure a wound can be quite profound… including preventing the unnecessary amputation of a limb or part of a limb.

Wound healing is important not only for the local repair but also for its beneficial effect on systemic physiological processes. What does that mean? Well, when wounds become chronic, individuals are susceptible to generalized inflammatory cascades that can affect many organs and even lead to death. Skin is the most commonly injured tissue, and its proper repair is important for the reestablishment of its barrier function.


A prescription formulation can be compounded to contain the proper combination of active ingredients, in the most appropriate base, to target a specific type of wound. It is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, it’s the opposite. We customize medications to meet each individual’s specific needs.

Along with the numerous healing qualities found in every wound care formulation we create, our compounded wound care creams can be customized at the request of your physician. Our pharmacists will work with you and your doctor to create a formulation that best suits your needs and your specific wound. Customized formulations can include antifungal protection, pain reductions, antimicrobial coverage (for gram-positive and gram-negative), and increased healing properties.

For example, the choice of cream, ointment, or gel can be medically significant. Each time a wound needs to be cleaned, there is the potential for disruption of new tissue growth. Gels, which are more water-soluble than creams or ointments, may be preferable for wound use because a gel can be rinsed from the wound by irrigation. Another useful dosage form is the “polyox bandage” – which can be puffed onto a wound and will adhere even if oozing is present. PenCol Specialty Pharmacy can compound a polyox bandage that contains the active ingredient(s) of your choice.

Types of Wounds & Categories

There are Two Types of Wounds:


• Only last for 21 days or less

• Trauma or Surgical

• Typically heal rapidly or with limited local care


• Exists for 2 weeks or longer

• Does not proceed through the normal healing process

• Takes longer to heal due to underlying conditions such as:

    1. Infection
    2. Pressure
    3. Poor nutrition
    4. Nerve damage
    5. Poor circulation
    6. Duration greater than 21 days

Wound Type Categories

• Ulcers

    1. Venous Stasis
    2. Diabetic
    3. Pressure (Bedsores)

• Arterial

• Surgical Wounds

• Burns

PenCol Specialty Pharmacy works to assist physicians and patients in healing difficult wounds.

We can prepare a variety of medications in different combinations and different dosage forms to best fit the patient’s condition. Additionally, prescription antiseptic medications are available for use in the management of septic wounds.

There are numerous types of compounded medications that can be used to aid many types of wounds. Some of these compounds include:

• Wound Care Cream: Custom compounded and specially designed to protect wounds and aid the body’s healing process for quicker recovery and reduced risk of infections and other complications.

• Topical antibiotic solutions: To Aid in maintaining an infection-free, moist wound bed as the healing process is underway.

• Tissue growth-stimulating gels or solutions: Help encourage the growth of healthy tissue.

• Topical bandages: For hard-to-heal areas such as the oral cavity.

Spira-Wash Gel

One of the secrets behind the effectiveness of PenCol Specialty Pharmacy’s compounded wound care cream is Spira-Wash Gel. Spira-Wash Gel is the base developed by PCCA that is used in most of our compounded wound care creams. It is a remarkably adherent base designed for a variety of different applications, including anti-infections of the skin, dermatology, occlusive needs, wound care, and topical humectants. Spira-Wash is specifically designed to aid the body’s healing process by acting as a protective barrier against the air, blocking out potentially harmful microorganisms and environmental toxins.

Along with guarding against contaminants, Spira-Wash also creates a moist environment for the wound to heal in, which has been proven to speed healing by up to 50%. Spira-Wash is different than comparable products because it protects the wound, but does not prevent proper washing. Spira-Wash is water washable, making cleaning and debridement of the wound as easy as possible.