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Top Men’s Health Medications – For Patients

Low Testosterone

When we compound your testosterone medicine, you can be assured of these advantages:

  • Quality and safety: PenCol Specialty Pharmacy uses the highest-quality form of testosterone, Testosterone USP. This form of the drug meets the highest quality and safety requirements set forth by U.S. medical professionals.
  • Customized dosage: PenCol Specialty Pharmacy customizes the dose to exactly fit your requirements and avoid the “one size fits all” mentality that gives many men less than ideal results.
  • More affordable: Compounding pharmacies, like PenCol Specialty Pharmacy, can also deliver medicines at typically a fraction of the cost of the commercially made testosterones that come in limited doses and dosage forms.
  • More convenient dosing. If your physician/prescriber requests, we can add other hormones such as DHEA, pregnenolone, and androstenedione to your testosterone to reduce the number of medications you take.

We offer Testosterone USP in several forms.

  • Creams and Gels – Your doctor will often prescribe creams and gels because your body easily absorbs testosterone applied to the skin. In cream or gel form:
    • The testosterone is gentler on your liver because it’s delivered via the skin, not your digestive system.
    • There is no need to shave the area of application, as you would with a patch
    • The medication can be administered as a single dose, rather than with several patches.
    • There is no skin irritation from patch adhesives used in commercially manufactured products.
    • The cream or gel can be applied two or three times daily to simulate the normal ups and downs (no pun intended) of your body clock
  • Lozenges
    • Troches are small, soft lozenges that dissolve in your mouth. The tissue in your cheek gradually absorbs the drug and releases it into your bloodstream in about 20 minutes. This is an excellent alternative to testosterone USP tablets because the drug in lozenge form avoids your liver, where it becomes useless for treating your condition.
  • Injections
    • Another way to provide testosterone replacement therapy is to inject testosterone cypionate USP into your muscles (usually in your backside).
    • Although this method is convenient, remember that there’s an important tradeoff: testosterone levels in your blood will vary widely between injections. That makes it difficult to know how much of the drug your body absorbs and uses.

Erectile Dysfunction

We get it. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be devastating to a man’s sex life and ego. It not only affects your health, it affects your whole life. That’s why it’s important to get the exact right therapy.

That’s where compounding comes in. It ensures that you get just the right strength, dosage, form and delivery system for your optimum health. No mass-marketed, mass-produced dosages. With ED, it’s all about you.

Tablets and Capsules

Oral medications are a successful ED treatment for many men. They includes: sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Ad circa and Cialis).

These medications enhance the effects of nitric oxide (a natural chemical your body produces), which relaxes muscles in the penis. Relaxed muscles increase blood flow and help you get an erection when you stimulate the penis.

Self-injected Liquids

With this method, each injection is dosed to create an erection lasting no longer than an hour. You use a very fine needle to inject alprostadil (brand names Caverject, Impulse, and Edex) into the base or side of your penis.

Again, we get it. You’re thinking “no way is a needle getting anywhere close to my manhood”. But remember, the needle used is very fine, and your doctor and our pharmacists will make sure that you get plenty of encouragement and training. In fact, most patients remark that pain from the injection is no big deal and worth the result it gives.

During Treatments

We understand that ED is a sensitive condition, in more ways than one. You can depend on us to work with your doctor and support you through ED diagnosis and treatment.