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Top Veterinary Medications – For Pet & Horse Owners

Why your veterinarian might prescribe a compounded medication.

Veterinarian are trained to prescribe the best solution for a particular symptom or issue. Compounding gives the veterinarian the ability to customize the correct treatment (strength, dosage, flavor and form) for a particular circumstance.

Compounded medications are prescribed when a veterinarian determines that the appropriate treatment is not otherwise available from a pharmaceutical manufacturer, or is not available in the strength, dosage form, flavor, or package size the veterinarian thinks is necessary for treatment. When your veterinarian calls a prescription into PenCol Specialty Pharmacy, a pharmacist prepares a medication that meets the individual needs of your pet. Read more in “What is Compounding”.

The medications and information you need, when you need them.

When you fill your pet medicine prescription with PenCol Specialty Pharmacy, you will often be able to pick it up within 24-48 hours. If you can’t or don’t wish to come to the pharmacy, we’ll ship right to your home.

If you don’t find what you need call 303-388-3613 and our Pharmacists or Customer Service Specialists will be glad to assist you.

PenCol Specialty Pharmacy can dispense DES in capsules, liquid suspension, or chews.

Dog Medications

Below are pet medications that may be prescribed for dogs. These medications for dogs come in different dosage forms.

Cat Medications

Below are pet medications that may be prescribed for cats. These medications for cats come in different dosage forms.

Bird Medications

Below are pet medications that may be prescribed for birds. These medications for birds come in different dosage forms.

Horse Medications

Below are some of the symptoms and medical issues that horses often experience that compounded medications that help resolve or mitigate. These medications for horses come in different dosage forms. Ask us how we can help your horse experiencing any of these issues.

Other Pets

If you have a Rabbit, Ferret, Reptile, Guinea Pig or Exotic pet, PenCol Specialty Pharmacy can often fill a compounded prescription sent to us by your veterinarian. Call us to see if we can help. It’s what we do!